IT Training

SIA "Maksikoms" provides IT trainings: 

"UTM device configuration" (UTM)*

The course includes the basics of firewall/UTM technology and its practical application, from installation to configuration and support. During the course, hands-on laboratory work provides practical knowledge of UTM device configuration and administration.
Networking technology knowledge required for participants (CCNA or similar level training recommended) 

"IP network support technician" (IPT)*

To improve  IP tīklu support skills, we propose a purpose-built IPT course, which covers the most actual areas:

  • Networking basics (OSI 7 network protocol model, Ethernet frame structure, etc.)
  • Technology basics for LAN/WAN networks. 
  • IP addressing and subnetting, VLANs.
  • IP routing
  • Network device configuration basics (switches and routers), including hands-on labs
  • Troubleshooting tools and practices
  • Configuration and troubleshooting practice, including hands-on labs

"WatchGuard FIREBOX configuration basics" (FireBasic)*

Course covers:

  • Configuration and monitoring tools, included in WatchGuard System Manager (WSM)
  • WatchGuard Firebox and FireboxV configuration in accordance with requirements
  • Baseline security policy creation and application to FIREBOX devices
  • Security suite subscription usage to expand FIREBOX device functionality.

The course is recommended for Watchguard Firebox administrators or users with previous network knowledge (CCNA or similar).

"Optical multiplexing for enterprises (WDM)"*

WDM course is a must for specialists designing, implementing, and supporting corporate fiber networks with WDM technology. Basics network knowledge is recommended (CCNA or similar).
The course covers FO networking technology basics and WDM technology applications to expand the existing optical network capacity, benefits, and limitations of the technology.
WDM course includes hands-on labs in system assembling and diagnostics.

"Wireless LAN technologies (WLAN)"*

 WLAN course is recommended for specialists who are planning, implementing, or supporting WLAN networks. Basics network knowledge is recommended (CCNA or similar).
The course includes WLAN technology basics, as well as modern features which make possible quality and capacity improvements in modern WLAN networks, as well as best practices in WLAN planning, implementation, and management.
WLAN course includes hands-on labs in corporate WiFi network installation and troubleshooting.

* Detailed course programs can be found in the respective attached files.

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