Wi-Fi rent for events

 Nowadays, you can't imagine any public event without Wi-Fi, is it an excibition, concert, festival, sporting event or anything else. Visitors just expect it in available and working well.

In most cases, even if event venue has some Wi-Fi system, it is unable to serve huge number of users during event. Standard practice is to rent professional light and sound systems for public events, so to have good Wi-Fi during event you also need to rent professional Wi-Fi solution.

We implement Wi-Fi projects very fast and provide outstanding performance, because we have great equipment and know how to use it. Our Wi-Fi served visitors on many different events, both indoor and outdoor, to mention a few: music festivals "Pozitivus","Summersound", "Latvian song and dance festival", "Lake sounds, sport events "Rally Liepaja", "Eurobasket", events "iNOVUSS", "Digital day 24", etc.

Wi-Fi rent service includes:

  • planning and design, SSID branding
  • equipment installation and removal
  • on-site support during event,
  • usage reports
  • Internet connection through multichannel 4G gateways (if neccessary)

Solution for each event is customized to clent needs, combining professional modules we have ready for use:

  • Internet access point (includes firewall with high-performance 4G/5G router, Starlink or fixed connection to Internet)
  • LAN infrastructure (PoE switches connected by fiber backbone)
  • High-performance  WiFi APs (from Ruckus Wireles). Each AP can support 250+ users
  • High performance outdoor APs (From Ruckus Wireless). Each AP can support 250+ users  
  • Tri-pods and towers to mount APs, temporary FO cabling, UPS systems and other accessories       
  • Central WiFi management system (manages all sites in one system)
  • WiFi service analytics (makes support and monitoring network much fuster and efficient, automates problems detection and analyses)

Many years of experience and professional equipment we have means that we can make it happen - whatevere you need.

Short video about WiFi services provided for " XXVth Latvian song and dance festival" in 2023 is there.

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To get Wi-Fi for your event, fill the request form below with your requirements and we''ll contact you with detailed proposal. 

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