Train detection sensor MXTS-20/IP


Train sensor MXTS-20/IP is specially developed for situations when very reliable detection is required but space is a premium. The device uses the original very compact dual-technology train detection module MXTS-20/IP/E, designed for embedded installations.

Ultrasound and ultra-wideband radar technologies are combined in the device for the most reliable detection. Sensors can utilize PoE or DC power and communicates over the IP network.

Ultrasound transducer transmits in a direction perpendicular to train wall, ultra-wideband radar – under an angle of 45 degrees (for speed measurement in addition to train presence info). Adjustable mounting provides means to align the sensor properly.

Multiple protection circuits and industrial-grade parts provide high reliability in harsh environments, multiple power options – allow flexible installation options.

Train sensor with mounting
Train sensor module (without ultrasound module)

Train sensor MXTS-20/IP (E) capability:

  • Train presence detection (1-8 m distance)
  • Reliability -- dual technology to establish a presence (ultrasound + radar)
  • Train speed measurement (0 – 250 km/h, adjustable)
  • Sensor location -- side of the track
  • Universal mounting kit – pole or wall mount (adjustable, included)
  • Power source – PoE or DC
  • Connectivity – IP
  • The embedded version available for integration (sensor module without casing)

 Development of Train sensor module was supported by European Regional Development Fund project "Technology Transfer Program", identification number, implementation program "Innovation Voucher Support Services", "Operational Program Growth and Employment 1.2.1. Specific support objective" Increase private sector investment in R&D "Measure" Support for the improvement of the technology transfer system " Latvian Investment and Development Agencies Voucher No.74 issued on November 6, 2019. 

The aim of the project: is to make a prototype of a new product for determining the status of a train at stations with the possibility to detect the arrival, departure, or parking status of a train. The availability of the train sensor will allow to create a train location detection system, which is planned to be offered both to the Latvian Railway and (with the help of the existing foreign partners of Maksikoms, Ltd.) in the international market. Expected effect - an increase in export volume and increase in profit. This is a new product for the company in the well-known information technology market. We anticipate that with the development and implementation of this product, the company will both increase its competence and expand the market, finding new local, European, and global opportunities.

Project financing: ERAF co-financing 24989.15 EUR. 

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