Wi-Fi managed service

Maksikoms provides managed Wi-Fi services based on Ruckus Wireless carrier-grade technology from 2014. Service is very benefitial for multi-site customers, and currently we already serve customers in 28 countries.

WiFi managed service

Main Wi-Fi service features:

  • Best on market Wi-Fi technology from Ruckus Wireless - provides great performance even in harsh conditions
  • Full enterprise feature set -- even for offices with just 1 AP and without cost overheads
  • Fast and easy expansion and new sites implementation
  • High reliability - on-site Wi-Fi system works even if cloud controllers are not available for any reason
  • Multi-tenat solution with multi-level permission management
  • Customer has full access to his Wi-Fi management and monitoring
  • Support through help-desk with ticketing system
  • Wi-Fi system is maitained and monitored by Maksikoms staff

Costs include just 2 items:

  • Capex -- one-time costs (site installation costs)
  • OPEX - yearly suscription fee per AP (covers system use, on-site hardware warranty, system monitoring and support)

Getting the best available on market Wi-Fi for your company is easier than ever - just contact us for quotation. 

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