Watchguard M440


 The Firebox M440 incorporates the same strong security, high performance, and flexible management tools that distinguish our other UTM and NGFW solutions, but this model delivers especially robust port density with twenty-five 1Gb Ethernet ports and two 10 Gb SFP+ (fiber) ports. Eight of the ports provide Power over Ethernet (PoE), which is ideal for WatchGuard Access Points.

 Because it's rich in independent ports, the Firebox M440 is an excellent platform for defining different network segments, which industry experts acknowledge as the best practice for securing and protecting data. WatchGuard makes it easy to define policy and add security services for each segment. The new Policy Map feature in WatchGuard Dimension™, which comes standard on all M440 appliances, provides excellent visibility to the traffic in each segment.

M440 4 Large

Tehnical specification:

Firewall 6,7 Gbps
VPN 3.2 Gbps
Antivirus 2.2 Gbps
IPS 1.8 Gbps
UTM 1.6 Gbps
Intefaces 25x1G copper; 2x10G SFP+
I/O intefaces 1 Serial / 2 USB
Concurrent connections 4 M
New connections per sec 62 000
VLAN support 400
Branch Office VPN 300
Mobile VPN IPSec 300
Mobile VPN SSL/ L2TP 300

1-Firebox M440 has PoE on 8 of 25 IG ports.