WiFi4EU is a European Commission project to promote free Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens and visitors in public spaces such as parks, squares, public buildings, libraries, health centers, and museums everywhere in Europe through WiFi4EU.
To facilitate this, the EU commission pays for the installation of modern WiFi equipment for municipal projects in a form of 15 000 Eur vouchers.
Project page: https://wifi4eu.ec.europa.eu/#/home

29146 municipalities have already registered in Europe.

Main things you need to know about the project as a customer (municipality) or installer company:

1. There are some important technical requirements for the project, which must be met to complete the project.
    Most critical technical requirements are:
         • Use of compliant equipment and solution (the project is favoring the use of the best and most modern equipment, as payment is fixed, and use of cheap equipment does not give any advantage to a customer)
         • Solution must include captive portal compliant to requirements (no "from the shelf" solution can comply).
         • Captive portal must use EU agency provided snippet, which is used to monitor the network, its performance, and compliance
         • Enough bandwidth must be available for Internet access (30MB/s is the absolute minimum)
         • Network must be in compliance with requirements at least 3 years after approval

2. After installation, the network is remotely and automatically evaluated for compliance. If not compliant, no payment to the installer is done.
3. If the network becomes incompliant later, the municipality is responsible and may be liable to pay back the voucher amount, if they shut down the network or makes it incompliant.

We have huge experience with WiFi solutions (from early 2000) and we used it to create scalable, reliable, and easy to implement WiFi4EU solution. It is now validated in the installation in Jurmala municipality and is in the process of installation on more WiFi4EU sites.

            Our WiFi4EU solution is based on best in class Ruckus Wireless technology and includes:

  • Ruckus Wireless indoor and outdoor APs
  • WiFi management system
  • Captive portal compliant with WiFi4EU requirements 
  • Solution is monitored by us and helpdesk with ticketing system is provided     

Our WiFi4EU solution provides very good value, is easy to implement, and you can be sure that installation will be compliant with requirements. as Ruckus Wireless equipment is known to have the best WiFi technology on market, providing the best possible connection in any conditions, easy handling high number of users and long-lasting – we have customers still using equipment installed in 2006.  

            So we propose cooperation in WiFi4EU projects:

  • To municipalities. We propose to prepare a project and make installation ourselves or in cooperation with municipality existing networks installer
  • To network installers. We propose to provide the necessary solutions (preconfigured equipment and all required services), the installer will handle equipment installation on-site.

Important clarification: Internet infrastructure needed for WiFi4EU networks have to be provided by municipalities and is not covered by project grants.  We can help with infrastructure installation if required, but it is not included in the WiFi4EU grant and is subject of separate agreement.