Network as a service

 If you have a new growing company that needs to build a stable network for your team to work on or you just want to upgrade your network with the latest technologies, we can help you do it. We provide network infrastructure as a service because one of the stoping blocks building your network infrastructure you probably have already found out is the initial cost of networking devices and not to mention the cost of configuring them.

In this network as a service package we include: 

  1. Cloud-managed PoE+ switches
  2. Cloud-managed 802.11ac W2 APs for WiFi coverage
  3. For your network security UTM with subscriptions on-site, VPN, end-point Threat Detection, and Response licenses
  4. Support agent at customer PC (for monitoring and remote support) 
  5. Server backup, restore, monitoring, instant disaster recovery
  6. Support and monitoring of network

Some things to know if you decide to use our service:

The contract includes just 2 fees:

  • One-time site setup fee (includes client requirement collection, configuration preparation, hardware configuration, and installation on-site)
  • Monthly fee (prepaid, monthly, or yearly)

Contract period:

  • The open contract paid yearly or monthly: termination at any time with 15 days advance warning.
  • If the contract is canceled, all equipment must be returned

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