ALNET provides a wide range of integrated security and video surveillance solutions to help security officials enhance their surveillance system while lowering the total cost of ownership. From 2015 ALNET started a partnership with IP cameras manufacturer MILESIGHT.

ALNET provided solutions are:

  • NetStation -  advanced digital CCTV video surveillance software designed for systems of any complexity and size. Flexible scalability - per single IP channel - allows precise system adjustment to meet customer needs. Maximal IP channel number per server is 128 (4x NetStation 32 applications).
  • NetStation Enterprise - a platform with integrated CCTV surveillance, alarm system, access control, and other technical infrastructure, including IoT devices.
    All data generated on security infrastructure are registered and broadcasted live to all defined users of NetStation Enterprise. One of the key features is scalability which eases implementation on even the largest systems. NetStation Enterprise is dedicated to objects like branch shops, gas stations, office centers, widespread industrial objects, and any other critical areas, that may require industry-leading security.
  • CMS 4 is a combination of ease of use with virtually unlimited configuration possibilities. Flexible design provides freedom for easy adjustment of the configuration for both small and large installations with thousands of cameras deployed throughout multiple locations. Expanded Scheduler and script editor allows very advanced alarm and task settings and action which helps facilitates extensive surveillance of CCTV installations.
  • CMS Mobile is a full-featured client application for remote access to NetStation and Net Hybrid server applications. Application is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms and is designed to use on smartphones and tablets.

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